Mixed bag extended charter build up style.

John with a great looking Red Emporer Dillan escaped the hussle of the big smoke and working commitments and had a great couple of days out. John with a nice looking Coral Trout John and Dillan looking pretty impressed with their catch Chad didn’t miss out either! nice Cobia Dillan, hope to see you guys […]

Top end fishing the Vernon Islands

Allan came all the way from England to wrestle with this beautiful looking Jewfish even had an encounter with a Crocodile!!! Vernon Islands Queen fish, such a diverse range of fish species to be found out at this magic place

Fishing charter Darwin, dry season fun

Nice school of Tuna hanging around made for a great day out, fishing Darwin on a recent day fishing charter Our regular supporter Rob with a nice Tuna to finish off his stay her in Darwin. Thanks Rob your a trooper and we hope to see you soon when your a visitor and not a […]

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