white breasted eagle


Not a bad sight to see first day, first thing in the morning.


shady camp barramundi


Kevin though he would come back again to try his luck at out fishing Jewels,

not this time Kevin.

shady camp barramundi

Gayle had lots of fun on her first Barramundi fishing safari,

going over the river via helicopter is a pretty great start

and then catching a fish a cast, awesome!

territory guided fishing run off charter 2012

you couldn’t keep Rob away, 100% effort all day every day


Yes Jewels, you are the winner for determination as well. I hope your hip is better

shady camp

yep, she’s pretty full!

shady camp barramundi

Jewels was just showing off at this point. You will have to try again next year Jewels,

will be lovely to see you all again,

maybe you could con Kevin into driving.

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